Iron Blades for Geof

Iron Blades for Geof

Reward: 2,500 XP, 200 Gold

On entering Soltown you will see an a group of refugees immediately on your right. If you speak to Geof he will say:

“Let me know if you find any iron blades.” 

Ask him here you can find “Iron Blades”, he will respond:

“Have you ever seen an iron blade? It’s not just a regular sword, it’s a finely crafted weapon that just fits in your hand like it was born there. If you can find any, it’d be quite a favor for you to bring me one. With it I could take the battle to those undead beasts. Speaking of which, that’s the easiest place to find them. Just pick them off the bones of the ones that appreciate good crafted iron. East Perennial Trail is a good spot to start hunting, I’d say.”

You must now head to the East Perennial trail to kill and loot some undead.  You can start by killing skeletons within the ruins (just follow the pathway), however you may have to scout the the surrounding area until you find one that has the ‘Iron Blade’ as loot.

Deliver the blade to Geof.

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Bridge of the Living Dead

Bridge of the Living Dead

Reward: 5,000 XP, 750 Gold, Zombie Emote

Head into Soltown square and speak to Ashton who is standing outside the inn.  Ashton will mention that he is in need of help, ask him how can you “help” him.  He will respond:

“Solace Bridge is infested with the awakened dead, the survivors of the attack. They spread a horrible plague that causes their numbers to grow ever larger, unless they can be stopped. If you are willing, we need to take the fight to the dead.”

Tell him that you are willing to “take the fight to the dead”.

“Good man. Here’s a few potions that you’ll need – they will protect you from the plague the awakened dead spread. The bartender sells more if you need them. Come back when you put five of those blasted things back in the ground for good – because they keep coming back – and I’ll have a reward for you.”

You must now go to Solace Bridge and slay 5 zombies.  Once you have done this go back and talk with Ashton.

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A Thing with a Charlotte Gray

A Thing with a Charlotte Gray

Reward: 2,500 XP, Backflip Emote

On entering Soltown you will see an a group of refugees immediately on your right.  You need to speak to Abigail.  She will explain that she is worried. Ask why she has “worry”

“My daughter and I were separated after the battle at Solace Bridge. She is so young, I fear that she will not do well on her own.”

Ask about her “daughter”

“My daughter, Charlotte Gray, and I were separated after the attack on Solace Bridge. She’s young and quick, I’m sure she’s still all right. I just feel awful that we had to leave her behind… but the guards that survived the attack were insistent, and will not let us go back until they get word it is safe for travel. But the guards will let you go… If you happen to find yourself there, I do hope you can keep an eye open for her. If you return back with word of her, regardless of her fate, I would be in your debt.”

You must now go to Solace Bridge to find her.  If you enter through the portcullis and then exit through the second you will find yourself crossing the bridge.  Once you are over the bridge head towards the right and you will see some ruins.  Charlotte Gray is in the ruins.

Speak to Charlotte, she will tell you of her new elf friend Kiakis.  Tell her that “Abigail” is looking for her.  She will respond:

“You talked to my mommy! She’s in Soltown? That’s really far. I don’t think I can go there by myself. Please go tell her I am here and maybe they can come find me?”

Return to Abigail and tell her you have found Charlotte Gray.

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Farmhouse Problems

Farmhouse Problems

Reward: 2,500 XP, 500 Gold

On entering Soltown you will need to head to the inn at the village square (just follow the path).  Inside your will see several players, you need to speak with Bentley.

He will mention he could do with some help with his farm.  Ask him how you can “help”.  He will respond:

“Well, if you can find my key, I would appreciate it!”

Ask him where the “key” is.

“Aye, my farm is in the woods west of here, along the East Perennial Trail. Undead ran me off, though. Say, if you find my key, can you bring it back? It should be right on a table in my farmhouse. I’ll give you a bit of coin for your trouble, and it’ll show it’s safe for me to go back and get the rest of my things. I’m not going back!”

You must now go to the East Perennial Trail.  Follow the pathway around to the left and you will see a small house, inside on the table is the key.

Take the give and give it to Bentley.

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