A Missing Relic

A Missing Relic

Reward: Cuthbert Undead Bane (Mace)

On entering Resolute you must find the Lord Marshal Declan Robinson.  He is found in the Great Hall just North of the square.


Once you enter, the Lord Marshal is located to the right. Speak with him, he will say:

“Good day and welcome, traveller. I bid you welcome to the town of Resolute, and I will speak plainly so that we might help one another. I am the Lord Marshal, Declan Robinson, and the Knights of Norgard have charged me with the protection of this keep.”

Ask him how you can “help”:

“There are many matters that have come to my attention as Lord Marshal. Most of them center around the village of Highvale, which I understand you may have visited recently. If your travels take you near there again, I could use your assistance. Simply ask about my scout, the lost knight, a message to my counterpart in Ardoris, or the missing relic.”

Ask about the “missing relic”:

“There is a relic of the Knights that I believe was left behind in the battle of Highvale; a mace, specifically, that had a special enchantment designed to combat the undead. We do not see many of the undead here, but there was a time when the Knights stood against them as we do all enemies of Norgard. If you find this relic, I would rather it be kept in your keeping then the looters who pick after the ruins of our shame. You need not bring it back; I suspect you will find more use for it in your travels than I.”

You must now leave Resolute and head to Highvale.

Once at Highvale head to the East and enter through the large doors.  Once inside the stronghold, head further to the East and you will find the graveyard.


You will find the mace (Cuthbert) leaning against the far wall.

Leave the scene and go back to Resolute. Tell the Lord Marshal that you have found the “missing relic”.  He will respond:

“I see you have found our missing relic. You may keep it; it will prove more useful in your travels, I suspect.”

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