Owl’s Head

Owl’s Head

Animal Hides to Randall

Animal Hides to Randall

Reward: 15 Gold per Hide

Randall the Farm is located along Peddlers Row in Owls Head.


Whilst talking with Randall he explains that he is a “seller of fresh meat and hides for the good people of Owl’s Head.”

If you speak with Randall regarding “hides”, he explains:

“as you may have heard, I will pay you for each animal hide you can bring to me. Just sell them to me like you would any other item.”

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Escape the Clink

Escape the Clink

Reward: 7,500 XP

To start this quest you must first speak to Myra who is located along Peddlers Row in Owls Head.


Upon speaking with Myra, you should inquire about the “farm”.  She will respond and say:

“My farm is outside of Owl’s Head. It’s a quiet place, and a good size — too large for just one person to maintain. Alas, my brother Myron was taken by the guard recently, and it has been hard to keep things running.”

Upon learning that her brother was taken by a guard, you should now ask her about him.

“You seem a trustworthy sort, traveller. Myron was taken by the guard three months ago to the Clink. The Clink is a fell place, traveller, a prison for those who cannot pay their debts. Enmar decided that Myron was behind on taxes for the farm, and that was that. Well, that is NOT that, traveller. I have come into possession of a master key for the Clink. If you can free my brother…  I would give all I have, traveller. It is too little, but I need my brother back to me. Here is the key, traveller. I ask nothing else of you save my brother return to me. Please.”

You will receive a well-worn key from Myra.

You will now need to make your way to “The Clink”.  Head North past the “Fire Lotus Tavern”, up the hill and through the gates.  Once through the gates, turn South and you will see the entrance in the wall.


Head South downwards, follow around to the left and open the door.


You will enter a room with one door and one guard.  Pull the lever to open the door, head north to the end of the corridor and follow it to the left (West), down the slope and follow to the right, at the end face East and go through the door.


You will enter a room full of prisoners with a single exit in the North East corner.  Speak to the guard through the door and he will open it.  Follow the corridor until you face another door (East).  Go through the door and you will find yourself in a room with several doors, go through the door in the middle of the East wall.

You will be in another room with with several doorways and a Kobald that will attack you (kill the Kobald) and exit via the South door.


You will be inside a short corridor with a doorway at the far end.  In the middle on the left is a breakable wall that leads to a small room with a chest that can be looted.  Go through the far door.

You will be in a room with a corridor that goes around in a square and has cells along the perimeter.  Go to the South West corner and you will see the large door to exit the area.  One you have gone through the door, go through the other immediately on the left.


You will find yourself in a room with a wooden door straight ahead (South wall) and a hidden door under the painting on the West wall.

Go through the wooden door.

You will be in a large room with a pit.  In the pit is a prisoner, talk to him and ask who he is:

“Me? My name is Myron. Please excuse my skepticism, but in all the time I have been here, I have never been allowed a visitor before.”

Explain that Myra sent you:

“My good sister…. how I miss her. I am so ashamed to have brought so much sorrow and shame into her life. If you see her, tell her I died in the riot so that she no longer worried over me and can move on with her life.”

Ask about the riot:

“I don’t know what set them off, but now, in all this chaos. No one will care if a prisoner is killed. Please, end my misery.”

Jump into the pit and kill him.

Make your way out of the pit and go to the previous room.

On the right hand side of the hidden door  just under the corner of the painting is a clickable brick.  Click the brick and the door will open.  Go through the door and there is a chest on the right that can be looted.  Follow the corridor around and up the steps.  Pull the lever at the top and enter the Wardens Room.

Exit the room via the door on the West wall and turn left.  Open the South door with the lever.  Enter the room and exit via the door on the West wall.  Follow the corridor and run up the steps.  Exit The Clink through the door at the top of the steps.

Go back to Myra and tell her that Myron is dead.

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In Dire Need

In Dire Need

Reward: 5,000 XP

To start this quest you must first speak to Guard Captain Dreyfus who is located in the guard building on the outskirts of the Northern Market Square in Owls Head.


Go inside and talk to Dreyfus.  Ask him about “Winslow”, he responds:

“One of our guards named Winslow was wounded in an expedition to the ruins of Ravensmoor. Thanks to the constant attacks, we are in dire need.”

Ask him what they are in “dire need” for, he responds:

“I have heard that there is an alchemist in the Kingsport market that carries a supply of healing herbs. If you can see that they are brought here, both Winslow and I would be in your debt.”
Leave Owl’s Head and go to Kingsport.


Once in Kingsport to the market square behind the docks.  You will see an alchemist named Julia.  Ask her about “Winslow”, she will respond:

“Is this guard you speak of injured? Tell me more, perhaps I have some herbs that can assist him?”

Ask her about the herbs, she responds:

“Say no more, friend. (rummages quickly through packs and crates, coming up with a carefully packed satchel of herbs) This will help your friend heal the battered wounds of his body and ease his pain quickly. Please, hurry to deliver them!”

You received Healing Herbs from Julia the Alchemist.

Leave Kingsport and go back to Dreyfus in Owl’s Head.

Speak to Dreyfus regarding the “Healing Herbs”, he will ask you to pass them to him.  Give the herbs to Dreyfus and he will make an elixir and tells you to give it to Winslow.

Winslow is on the bed behind you, talk to him and say that you have an “Elixir”, give him the bottle,

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Morgan’s Foul Play

Morgan’s Foul Play

Reward: 500 XP, 20 Gold

Morgan the Fishmonger is located along Peddlers Row in Owls Head.


Ask Morgan about Myra, he will say:

“She shouldn’t try to compete right across from my stand. That won’t work out well for her.”

Ask him about a “quest”, he will respond:

“So, I’m sure you noticed the peddler, Myra, across the way. She’s set up shop so close, it’s impossible for me to work! What I want you to do is to go talk to Todd and tell him that Myra’s meat is spoiled and made you ill.”

Ask him why you should say it “made you ill”?, he responds:

“If you can do that, I will give you a PERMANENT discount for any wares you care to purchase from my humble shop, along with a 20 gold payment for …services rendered. What say you, traveler?”

Tell him you will do it.

Myra runs the the stall opposite with the red stripes and Todd is the village who is hanging around the front of it.

Talk to Todd and tell him that “Myra’s meat is spoiled”, he responds:

“What? You mean she is selling food that made you ill? Are you sure?”

Say “Yes”, he responds:

“What? You are serious? Thank you for warning me, traveler. I will have to buy food elsewhere.”

Tell Morgan that you told Todd that the meat was spoiled.

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Winslow’s Report

Winslow’s Report

Reward: 5,000 XP, 500 Gold

To start this quest you must first speak to Lord Delbert Enmar who is located on the second floor in the guard building on the outskirts of the Northern Market Square in Owls Head.

Speak to Enmar and ask about “assistance”, he will reply:

“There are many dangers that plague the Vale that I am charged with responding to. If you care to assist, I can tell you what I know about our main threats, bandits and the undead.”

As him about “Ravensmoor”, he will respond:

“The ruins of Ravensmoor lie south of Braemar, at the southern edge of the Vale. Recently I sent a He team of guards led by Winslow to reconnoiter the area; unfortunately only Winslow returned, and his wounds were grave.”

Ask about “Winslow”, he will respond:

“Thank you for your help with Guard Winslow. He is a brave guardsman, and I will see he gets whatever further help he needs. As for what he found… for that, the bounty stands, outlander.”

Go to and speak to Winslow and your journal will update with his report.

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Morton’s Book

Morton’s Book

Reward: 5,000 XP, 500 Gold

Morton can be found in the Fire Lotus Tavern.


Morton can be found sitting at a table just inside.  When you speak to him you will find that he wants another beer.  Buy him one.

After having another beer Morton becomes more talkative.  Ask him what he does, he will respond:

“I’m a trader by trade, finest wares in all the Vale.”

Ask him more about the “Vale”:

“The Vale is right troubled of late. Owl’s Head seems to be the only bit of safety left. I don’t plan to leave any time soon, I tell you what!”

Ask him more about “Owl’s Head”:

“I like it fine here in Owl’s Head, and if’n I have to be stranded somewhere, here’s as good as anyplace. But I do miss me little cottage in Kingsport. Another beer if ya please, Thomas.”

Inquire about his “Cottage”:

“Ah, me home is in Kingsport, just off the market across from the docks. Aye, I miss the docks, best fishin’ in all of all the Vale, I tell ya. Let me know if ya are going that way, you seem a good sort.”

Tell Morton that you are “going that way”:

“I’ve a book I need retrieved from me home in Kingsport. If’n you bring it back, I’ll pay you well. You’ll know it when you see it, it has “LEDGER” in bright black lettering on the cover. Just bring it back to me, I’ll be here.”

You must now leave Owl’s Head and travel to Kingsport.  Morton’s cottage is actually the alchemists shop by the docks.


If you speak to Alicia she says:

“If I were any weary’r, I’d be in a coffin ‘stead of standing here talking to you.”

Ask if you can “help” in any way, she will respond:

“Well, finding my good-for-nothing husband would be an excellent start, if you ask me.”

Inquire further about her “husband”, she will respond:

“That would be Morton, the great traveller, who never seems to find time for his poor suffering wife who actually runs his store. If you know where he is I would be grateful!”

Tell her that you have found him.

“If you’ve seen him, tell me where? That waste of a man has not been back from his travels for months. If I hadn’t had so much to do, I’d go after him and set him straight!”

Tell her he is in The Fire Lotus Tavern

“I should have known that husband of mine would be hunkered up to a bar. Why, have you ever seen such?! Off getting drunk while his beloved wastes away!”

Tell her that “he wants you to get his ledger for him”.

“That ratty ole thing? All I’ve ever seen him do is scribble in it. Do ya reckon if I give it to ya, he’d be able to find his way home again?”

Say “Yes”.

“Alright. It’s right here. I’ve been carryin’ it around so I don’t feel so lonely. And don’t ya be goin’ and tellin’ him I said that!”

Go back to Morton in Owl’s Head and give him is ledger.

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