Ale Shipment

Ale Shipment

Reward: 6,000 XP, 700 Gold

To start this quest you must visit Flynn Gibson in Braemar.


He can be found in the Inn that is located in the heart of the village.

Upon talking with Flynn you will soon establish that they have a problem.  Ask him how you can “help”.  He will respond:

“Well, we’ve been quite short on ale of late, which is not a very good place for a fine public establishment to be!”

Inquire about being “short on ale”:

“Well, we have fireweed ale, crabapple cider, and spidersilk stout. Brewed right here, locally! Mainly because we haven’t gotten any real ale from Kingsport in weeks now.”

Ask about the “ale from Kingsport”:

“If you get up to Kingsport, can you ask the innkeeper there why we haven’t gotten any ale shipments in the past few weeks? I know that there have been wolves and the occasional undead along the road, but this is ALE we’re talking about! If you can let him know we are running dry, I’ll be grateful!”

You now need to leave Braemar and go to Kingsport.


The Tavern in Kingsport in found by the docks.

Speak to the Innkepper Abbot and mention that “Flynn is waiting for his ale”.  Abbot will respond:

“Ah yes, Braemar and Owl’s Head need ale? Well, so do we, my friend, and now we’re dependent on the Broken Anchor for all our imports. The price of those is quite dear. You will have to tell my friend Thomas that there is little that I can do for him now. My apologies, outlander. Now, if you were to talk to Anton, over at the docks, about solving that problem, he might hear you out – but remember everything has its price.”


Anton can be found on the top floor.

Ask Anton about the Broken Anchor, he will respond:

“The Broken Anchor is our import company. That sounds much better than ‘smuggler’, do you not think? For smugglers break the law.”

Ask Anton about the “Ale to Braemar”.

“Ah yes, Owl’s Head and Braemar need ale? As you may have gathered, stranger, this is one of those problems that we have found our niche in solving.”

As him about his “niche in solving”.
“Please inform the good barkeep Thomas that Anton of Kingsport has a solution to his empty tap. The rate will be dear, but fair, and everyone will profit.”

Leave Kingsport and go to Owl’s Head.

Thomas is the head barman in The Fire Lotus Tavern


Tell Thomas Strongbeard that “There is a problem with the ale shipment”. He will respond:

“Well, that’s troubling news, outlander. So Kingsport has it worse than we do? These are indeed dark days if a man can’t even get a proper lager reliably!”

Ask about “proper lager reliability”
“However, if as you say this Anton fellow is how Abbott is keeping his tap stocked in Kingsport? Well, if that’s what needs be done to keep the tap flowing, that’s what needs be done.”

Say “that’s what needs to be done”

“The price will be dear, though. At any rate, thank you for your help with this; as promised your bonus for helping with this task. Many thanks, outlander!”

Leave Owl’s Head and go to Braemar.

Speak to Flynn regarding the “ale shipments”, he will respond:

“Kingsport isn’t getting any ale either? These are odd days if our little tavern exports Spidersilk Stout to the Hearth of New Britannia! Regardless, friend, thank you for the news, even if it isn’t good. That doesn’t bode well for Thomas up in Owl’s Head, either. We’ve survived on our own for a while… we can continue a while longer. Perhaps I should talk to that Anton fellow if I’m ever in Kingsport.”

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Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

Reward: 1,500 XP, 250 Gold

To start this quest you must visit Boden Koren.  He can be found behind the West NPC buildings in the heart of Braemar.

Upon talking to him, he will request for your help.  Once you confirm that you will”help” him, he will say:

“There’s a dangerous wolf pack up the Valeway if you are up for some hunting.”

Mention that you are “up for some hunting”.
“I haven’t been out hunting since that night we went looking for Seamus’ family and the others that were taken. Thought we could hunt those things down like any other beast.”

Inquire about the “other beast”

“Tracked them north of here until we started to stop and make camp. Once we found a suitable site, I scouted ahead a bit while Veimor went out for kindling.”

Ask him about going “out for kindling”

“We left the others to pitch the tents. By the time I got back, there was nothing but pools of blood, the broken body of Colin and the tattered remains of our campsite.”

Inquire about “Colin”

“Colin was one of the last of our clan. A quiet sort. He had plans to marry Abela, but the attack that took Veimor ensured that will not happen. I would speak no more of this.”

Ask about “Veimor”

“Veimor was the best ranger we had. And my best mate. He could shoot a sparrow out of the air on a windy day! And he had a brave heart too.”

Asky how he had “a brave heart”

“I just wish I had been there fighting by his side when he met his end. Or at least brought him back home to give him a proper burial.”

Ask about the pools of “blood”

“I found Veimor’s quiver just south of the campsite, and I searched the area , hoping to find some sign of him, but I imagine whatever got the others must have taken him too.”

Ask him which other has “taken him to”

“There was a bloodtrail leading north, so I told Bridget that he was most likely hunting near Owl’s Head – but the truth is worse.”

You now need to exit Braemar and go to the South Valeway


On entering the scene you will see some rocks with a pathway that goes around them.  Go straight towards the rocks, the pack leader is behind them.

After killing the Wolfpack Leader, head back to Braemar and speak to Boden.

Tell Boden you “have killed the wolf”.

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Veimor is Missing

Veimor is Missing

Reward: 1,500 XP

To start this quest you must visit Bridget who is located in a building on the West side of the square.


Speak to her and she will tell you that she is the wide of “Veimor”,

Ask about “Veimor” and she will respond:

“My Veimor is the most handsome man in the Village with eyes so green they sparkle like emeralds. And he is such a good provider for us.”

Ask about him being a “good provider”:

“He must have thought he would be gone for a while, because he stocked up our pantry with rabbit meat and cured wild boar so that I wouldn’t find myself hungry in his absence.”

Inquire about his “absence”

“Would you be going north, to the forests by Owl’s Head by any chance? I know it is dangerous, but do you think your travels will take you there?” 

You must now head to West Ravenswood

Once in the scene, go immediately the right (North) and explore the area where all of the wolves are.  you will soon find Veimor.

Tell that that “Bridget” sent you.  He will respond:

“Ah, Bridget, my lovely wife. Thinking of her is what has kept me moving and kept me alive. Please, if you find yourself near Braemar again, do let her know I survived and still think of her fondly. I will return to her as soon as I am able.”

Return to Braemar and tell Bridget you have found Veimor.

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Where’s Kelly?

Where’s Kelly?

Reward: 7,500 XP, Kelly Hayward’s Memories Dagger

To start this quest you must visit Abela who is the barmaid in Braemar although she can be found in the building opposite to the inn.


Whilst talking to Abela you should ask about her “work”.  She will respond:

“Well, if you’re not too busy, can you check on my friend Kelly?”

Ask about “Kelly”

“Well, I had heard since she left Braemar she had been seen in the company of bandits! I hope that’s not true… You may want to ask Bodan about it, he may know more.”

You must now go and talk to Bodan, who is located behind the building near to the sheep pen.

Ask Bodan about “Kelly”

“Kelly? I would be interested in word from her in Kingsport if you knew of any. I have heard the gossip of her falling in with bandits, but I assure you that is mere idle chatter.”

Visit the Innkeeper Abbot in Kingsport (located near the docks)


Abbot will inform you:

“Hmmm… young girl from Braemar? Can’t say I know her that well. She’s visited the inn a few times, but I suspect Anton would have a better idea of where she is currently.”

Visit Anton who is located in the building opposite


Ask Anton about “Kelly”, he will respond:

“Ah yes, I remember who you speak of, a Miss Kelly Hayward of Braemar, to be precise. Full of anger and promise and a habit of fighting when words failed.”

Ask him about her habit of fighting “when words failed”:

“Didn’t really work out with my organization, we run a tight ship as you understand. If you were to visit a nest of a more …less restrictive group you may find where she is currently.”

You must now visit Owl’s Nest and make your way to the mine.

Once inside follow the slope down to where the caverns begin.


In the North East corner you will find Kelly sitting on a chair near the Bandit Leader

Speak to her and mention “Bodan”, she will respond:

“Bodan Koren was my father’s best friend. After my parents died from the fever that swept through Braemar, he took me in like I was his own. He didn’t take my decision to leave the village very well. Said if I left, I was on my own.”

Ask her if she would like “help” in contacting Bodan, she will respond:

“If you find yourself heading to Braemar, would you mind delivering a message to Bodan? I don’t have much to offer, except this keepsake dagger, but it’s yours if you bring back word from him. Just tell him you bring news from Kelly.”

Go back to Braemar and tell Bodan that you have found “Kelly”.  He will respond:

“Ah, it is good to hear Kelly is alive. In these days that alone is comfort.  Please, if you find yourself back in the Owl’s Nest, let her know all is forgiven. She will understand.”

Go back and speak to Kelly, tell her that “Bodan” says all is forgiven.

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Blackpond’s Dagger

Blackpond’s Dagger

Reward: 3,000 XP, 500 Gold

To start this quest you must speak with Jarred.  He is located just outside the Inn.


Speak to Jarred and ask if he needs any “help”, he will respond:

“So, there’s a group of friends of mine – some call them bandits I suppose – that are holed up in a cave called the Owl’s Nest. I managed to find a keepsake for one as a favor, but given all the dangers on the road, I’m not in any hurry to take it back to him. However, if you are up in that direction, find the largest of them – he calls himself Blackpond – and tell him you have his dagger. He’ll reward you for it well, and I’ll have one less reason to risk my skin.”

You must now visit Owl’s Nest and make your way to the mine.

Once inside follow the slope down to where the caverns begin.


In the North East corner you will find Blackpond the Bandit Leader along with Kelly Hayward.

Speak to Blackpond and tell him you have a “dagger” for him.

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