Students of Virtue & Chaos

Students of Virtue & Chaos

Reward: Chaos Statue & Virtue Statue

This quest starts by talking to Martin the student instructor.  Is is located in the building with the ankh above the door on the outskirts of Sequanna Square.  The easiest way to get to the building is to cross the bridge on entering the scene, go straight past the Oracle and keep heading in that direction behind the buildings and it is just on the right.  

Martin will explain that his students require books for their studies.  Ask him about the “books”, he will respond:

“I am trying to assemble works that illustrate the virtues in action for the students here, but they have proven difficult to find. Perhaps people are just not interested in their message any more. However, I am willing to reward adventurers such as yourself. If you can find the twelve books – four for each virtue – each of my students requires that have been scattered, they will give you pieces of a statue that illustrates the nature of virtue. I will assemble those pieces for you once you have all three, as a way of thanking you for your perseverance.”


Location of the Books:

Chains of False Beliefs

The Chains of False Beliefs (Truth)

This is found in the Owl’s Nest Mine.  Enter the caverns, follow the pathway to the left and down the slope.  The cavern opens up into a large area, turn left to where the prisoner and prison guards are.  Turn right and then immediately left, follow the pathway and the cavern will open up again.  The book “The Chains of False Beliefs” is found on the East desk.



The Truth is Rewarded (Truth)

This book is found in the East Perennial Trail.  When you enter the scene, turn to the left and along the pathway you will see a small house.  Enter and the book is on a table at the back.




Dolphin BookThe Monkey and the Dolphin (Truth)

This is found in Kingsport with the smugglers house at the docks.  On entering the scene, run down towards the far end of the docks, opposite the tavern is the smugglers house.  Enter the house and go to the top floor, you will find the book on the desk.




Boiled Seed BookThe Boiled Seed Cannot Sprout (Truth)

This book is found in Braemar.  on entering the scene make your way to the town square, the book can be found in the blacksmiths house which is the lash house on the West side.




Lion BookThe Lion Tattoo (Courage)

This book can be found in Owl’s Head.  Upon entering the scene you should head towards the main market, the book is located in the guard building at the far end.  Make your way up the stairs and enter the first room.  The book is on the desk.




Spectral Mine

The Fearful Rabbit (Courage)

This book can be found in The Spectral Mines.  Make your way to the Spectral Foothills and then to the actual mines (take the right pathway and follow around).  Once you get to the mines you need to enter the ‘secret’ area by taking a right turn at the bottom of the entrance slope near some broken wood.  Go through the narrow passage and you will come across a room with a door.  The door is locked, drop down the hole on your right and you will be presented with a much larger room.  Across the bridge in the middle of the room you will see an entrance taking you to a corridor with lots of pillars and ghosts.  Follow the corridor to the end and through to the cave entrance at the back.  Turn right and follow the pathway, the book is on the floor at the end.







Everyone Needs Courage (Courage)

This book can be found in Solania.  Follow the pathway towards the the bridge and turn right just before you get to it.  Continue on this path and make your way to the building with the blue roof (up some steps).  The book is inside on the table.





The Mouse and the Camel (Courage)

This book is found in the Ardoris Castle of Wind.  On entering Ardoris, speak with the boatman on the right just before the bridge, tell him you wish to go to the “Palace of the Mountain”.  On arriving at the castle gates, speak with a guard and say “dagger” (this should be the password to open the gate.  The password can also be obtained by speaking with the Spirit-Talkers in the tavern at Sequanna Square .  On entering through the gates, follow the path around to the right and inside the building.  Go up three sets of stairs and you will see the book on a table next to the bed.



Don’t Give Up On Goodness (Love)

This book is found in Soltown Cemetery.  Head through the middle of Soltown village and then take a right turn.  You will see the cemetery,  the book is on a wall at the back.



Kindness in Giving Creates Love (Love)

This book is found in the Ardoris Castle of Wind.  On entering Ardoris, speak with the boatman on the right just before the bridge, tell him you wish to go to the “Palace of the Wind”.  On arriving at the castle gates, speak with a guard who will open the doors (no password is required here).  Follow the path around to the right and inside the building.  Go up two sets of stairs and you will see the book on a table.



The Courageous of the Mother (Love)

This book is found at Solace Bridge.  On entering the scene go through the portcullis, across the courtyard and then exit through the next portcullis.  Go across the bridge, as soon as you are at the other side turn right.  You will see some ruins, the book is found inside the ruins on some stones towards the left.



The Most Beautiful Heart (Love)

This book is found at the Approach to the Shuttered Eye.  On entering the scene follow the pathway towards the tower.  At the entrance to the left you will see a tree, the book is on the floor next to it.

On collecting the books you should return to the student building in Ardoris.  Speak to each of the students and give them the books that they need, in return they will give you a piece of the virtue statue.  Once you have all three pieces you can speak to the instructor and he will assemble it.



Alternatively you can claim the Chaos statue by visiting Gina in Savrenov Stronghold.  Follow the pathway towards the end (avoiding the elves if possible), she is standing near a campfire.

Ask Gina if she needs any “help”, she will respond:

“Are you aware of the Books of Virtue? Well, you see, I am confident that if Martin is able to acquire them, he will use them to further his own narrow, self-serving teachings about the Virtues. But I have a plan that will prevent that. All you need to do is bring all twelve books back here so that I may burn them at the Chaos Shrine I have constructed. Destroying the books is the only way to demonstrate that Chaos indeed is the true nature of Virtue. I will of course reward you for this – a unique reward, I think you will agree.”

To claim the Chaos statue, just give Gina all 12 books.

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