Siken is a small PvP player village that can be found on the Hidden Vale just south of Owls Head. It is currently under construction and once open will provide a fully functional PvP village completely free. The only rent you will ever pay is the in-game tax on your deeds (if applicable).


  • 14 Village Lots
  • 28 Row Lots
  • Tavern
  • Town Crier/Bank
  • Pavilion/Expert Crafting Tables
      • Blacksmithing
      • Smelting
      • Carpentry
      • Milling
      • Tailoring
      • Tanning
      • Textiles
  • Dock

  • Nearby Places of Interest:

  • Ravensmore (Dungeon)
  • Obsidian Keep (Lich Stronghold)
  • Owl’s Nest (Bandit Cave/Mine)
  • Owl’s Head (NPC Town)
  • Kingsport (NPC Town)
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